Indian Folk & Tribal Artist appeals to end Russia Ukraine war

When the world is going through a major crisis, and the larger threat of WW III is looming large on the planet, everyone has been doing their bit from all over the world to help end this war between Russia and Ukraine.

In testing times, the Folk & Tribal artists from across the villages and rural parts of India have come together to appeal to the world, that everyone should work together to end this war which is against humanity. Leading Folk and Tribal Artists from the country has joined hands and created a series of ‘Artwork’ that appeals to end this war at the earliest.

Celebrated artist like Kalyan Joshi, Venkat Shyam, Dr. Dalavai Kullayappa, Anwar Chitrakar, Ambika Devi, Anil Vangad, Dilip Rama Bahota and many others have expressed their worry and concern through Phad, Gond, Tholu Bommalata, Kalighat, Madhubani and Warli style.

Expressing their thoughts and concerns, Artists says.

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war… she is showing in her art the message of No War and to maintain peace between the two Nations, as women & children are also suffering as the consequence and have picked up arms to protect their country. Since Madhubani Paintings is world largest craft done by women, all of them are very concerned about the safety of women and children in Ukraine.

Tholu Bommalata by Dalavai Kullayappa

In the current situation between Ukraine & Russia, where everyone from around the world is calling out for PEACE. Dalavai has showed his interpretation to stop the war in traditional leather puppetry craft. Russia is a powerful nation in front of Ukraine. Ukraine has limited resources and weapons and is going to lose if this war continues. In the Painting the bird is a symbol of PEACE who came flying with a flower to stop the war between the two Nations. On the right he made a puppet of Russia’s President Mr. Vladimir Putin and in the left a puppet of Ukraine’s Brave president Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

Kalighat Patua Painting by Anwar Chitrakar

Anwar Chitrakar says war is never a solution for anything. The Wars and Fights make human civilization shallow, who despite living in 21st century is doing things like a barbarian. Whatever is happening today shouldn’t have happened at all. Russia is a very strong country with a lot of resources, Nuclear weapons. Russia is showing off his power over a small nation, is like a powerful bullying the weak. He has shown Russia’s president with various weapons and warheads on his head and showed Ukraine as a child holding play-guns. In this war all the locals, families and children are suffering. No citizen wants war, they all want peace. 

Warli by Anil Vangad

Anil Vangad has shown the most important thing in a small canvas, that it takes years to build city and towns, village, resources & infrastructure, this war has shattered everything. How Russian troops attacked from all the sides and the Capital of Ukraine was shattered in no time. On the top he showed that citizens of all around the world are against the war and they are together opposing the Russia to immediately stop it. 

Warli by Dilip Rama Bahotha

Dilip Rama Bahotha painted his feelings over the ongoing war between Russia & Ukraine. The world is burning with bombs and explosions, their homes, shelters, people, animals, nature everything is getting destroyed. It is like a fire spreading all over the world. In such testing time being united is very important, and to end this catastrophe. Otherwise, there will be fighting everywhere, and the World War III would begin, and give rise to hatred. So the world order should not collapse, there is an appeal to end this war at the earliest.

Phad by Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi in his Phad Narrative Art painted his imagination in a way that “Instead of burning each other’s houses, use missiles to ferry people to a safer location and treat them with love and affection.” Also, rather than taking hostages other country’s citizens rise over war politics and create a better place for human beings to dwell. They are spreading hatred, and nothing more. 

Gond by Venkat Shyam

The current war is like a cage, which has engulfed the human being, and the true freedom has been lost, his appeal to the both the nations is to urgently end the wall. Amidst the tension, he has also shown how Indian students taking our flag and walking thousands of kilometres to reach the safe location. His appeal is to end this war which is going to destroy everything, everywhere.

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