Indian Artisan’s creates largest CoVid-19 vaccination awareness.

The 2nd wave of pandemic has taken a huge toll on artisan and their families health, as most of them were infected with CoVid-19 and lost their near and dear ones. As compared to last lockdown where artisanal creativity was all time high, the second wave saw a massive distress, due to ‘being unwell’ of infected with CoVid-19. Most of the artisans were busy arranging beds, medicines, and all essential items for either their families or known ones. The ‘Work’ during the pandemic was all time low due to unavailability of manpower being unwell.

In the meeting held recently between India Craft Week and Artisan community, it was decided that all the artisans will whole-heartedly participate in the ‘Vaccination Drive’ by Govt of India, ensuring that they and their families are vaccinated, and they have also taken the responsibility to create awareness and education amongst fellow artisans, workforce to ensure that in due course everyone is vaccinated in their villages/districts. If the health of the artisans practicing in this sector remains well, and mortality is controlled, then the net skills would be preserved, and most of the master artisans would remain safe (as they are ageing population).

Initiating the drive, founder of India Craft Week Iti Tyagi says, “Craft Sector is always known for it’s resilience, and have bounced back from every crisis, and I am happy to see all our artisans and craftsperson’s participation in the idea proposed by our team, as we wanted all of them to be healthy and safe always. And the only way was to educate them and establish a monitoring system to ensure that they, their family, and community, all get vaccinated in the process. Last year when we suggested artisans in mid-March to do a campaign on CoVid-19, it created a widespread awareness in the rural communities and people practiced adequate care, we are hopeful that their new ideas and campaign would help in mass vaccination drive by creating awareness amongst rural communities to go for vaccination without fearing it”.

The artisans who have participated in the vaccination awareness campaign from across India are:

  1. Anil Vangad (Warli Artist); In his painting he has shown the importance of CoVid-19 Vaccine, and how after the two doses of vaccine one can be safer and help family and neighborhood safe.

He adds “During the pandemic we are living like being in cage, though being at home, so the only way to our freedom is to defeat CoVid-19 from our lives through mass vaccination, and if all of us get vaccinated soon, it would be a new ‘World Freedom Day’.

Tribal Warli Painting showing the importance of Vaccination Drive

2. Anwar Chitrakar (Kalighat Patua Painting): His painting reflects the dilemma of ‘Vaccination’, between the one who believes it and those who are getting influenced by rumor. He adds “In our society people are afraid of vaccination and rather focusing on rumors, and that is making them fearful towards vaccination. But they don’t realize that for our own health and safety, vaccination is most important. His artwork also shows People listen by standing their ears, but when it comes to getting their vaccination, they hide like a rabbit.

3. Venkat Shyam (Gond); In his artwork, there is prominent emphasis on the bottle of vaccine, because post pandemic it has become central part of our lives. He adds “how important this one bottle of vaccine is, which has 8-doses of vaccination, that can save eight people from Covid-19, it is actually like a ‘Ginni’s bottle’ that has miracle inside”.

Government is providing facility for free vaccination everywhere, we should as a responsible citizen of India should get vaccinated, so that together we can defeat this unseen monster.

The tribal gond painting reflect the centerstage of vaccine in our lives

4. Chhotu KK Sharma (Miniature painting); This is our last option to save everyone’s life from the pandemic. Getting a vaccine is not unsafe, we have taken vaccination for many other diseases and we are all safe now. So, I want to convey to everyone through this painting that we all should get vaccinated, this is the last option to fight against Covid and to save our elders and younger generations.

The miniature style of paintings emphasizes on need for good behavior while vaccination

5. Kritika Joshi (Phad Painting); To resume our life pre 2020 is only possible through vaccination. It gives immunity and keep you from getting and spreading the virus that causes CoVid-19. One step may protect so many people around you.

In my folk art, I have tried to show that even during the vaccination we must maintain social distance and do not do a mad queue, as our laxity has worsened the condition by not following the social distancing. Apart from vaccinations, social distancing is only thing that can save us from this lethal disease.

The Phad painting deals with ensuring Social Distancing at the Vaccination Centre

6. Kamta Tahed (Pithora); Pithora is a tribal art of MP and in our village most of the people are afraid of vaccination. But here everyone is helping each other to understand the importance of getting vaccinated without being afraid. After witnessing the worst condition and so many deaths during 3rd wave, people in our village are willing to get vaccinated. In our village most of the people are not educated and hence do not follow social distancing.

I want to spread an awareness about keeping ‘social distance’ and mask especially when one goes for vaccination and avoid talking at the center.

The Pithora Style trying to help educate tribal community on importance of vaccination

7. Mahesh Vishnoi (Pichwai); In this second wave we faced the worst conditions, so before we see more worst in third wave, we all should get vaccinated in time. So, that we can save our life and our loved ones. Through my painting I am trying to convince everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so that we can avoid 3rd wave.

The Pichhvai style raises the importance of vaccination to avoid 3rd Wave

8. Ashutosh Verma (Sanjhi); Covid-19 disease is hanging on our head from awfully long time now. It is important that everyone on our family and community must get vaccinated before we lose more lives.

Vaccine has been developed by international health community for our health and safety only, and we do not need to get afraid and must trust millions of people who has helped in the process. We must play responsible to save our own lives!

Sanjhi paper cutting shows, that being responsible can help defeat this disease.

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